Write Rhode Island 

From our annual flagship creative writing contest, to nonfiction writing projects, to an intensive summer program, we offer students the opportunity to find their voice and explore their creativity, while strengthening their writing skills. 

Co-created by School One and authors Hester Kaplan and Taylor Polites, Write Rhode Island programs are open to all Rhode Island students grades 7-12. 

Write Where You Are is a flash nonfiction program that invites young writers in grades 7-12 in the state of Rhode Island to document what they see, think and experience in their hometowns. These personal reflections, both written and recorded, will be collected in the spring of 2022. The written stories will be published online, and the recorded stories will be published as part of a Write Rhode Island story map.

Things to remember:

Your short story for Write Where You Are should be 1000 words or less.

Your story should be typed in Times New Roman, size 12 font and double spaced.

Students who submit an audio recording of their story will be automatically entered for a chance to win $25-$100 in prizes!

If you don’t have a computer you can use one at your school or library, a teacher or librarian can help you upload your story.

Recording tips can be found here.

Write Rhode Island!